We provide end-to-end e-learning design, development and deployment services.

We provide a wide range of development and consulting services for both Edifty KMS clients and organizations just looking for e-learning development for their own learning management systems.

We Can Help You With:

Any or all of the services below.

Custom Learning Mangement

Edify KMS is our proprietary custom learning mananagement and content authoring system. It was designed to be fully custimizable to your brand and needs.

  • Cloud hosted and ready to deploy
  • Create your own content and deliver it instantly.
  • Create your own custom themes and branding or have us do it.
  • Create your own games & interactions or have as do it.
  • Advanced customizable measurement & reporting.

e-Learning Development

Our experienced designers and developers can take your content to the next level. We specialize in creating engaging, effective and measurable learning experiences that maximize retension and ROI.

If you have an existing learning management system we will provide you with whatever packages you require.
e.g. SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC...

Custom Interaction Development

We can design and develop new interactions and games to engage your users and make your training both fun and effective.

The key to engagement and retension with online training is getting and keeping the learners attention.

Our designers and developers specialize in creating learning experiences that will promote your brand and maximize engagement.

Content Design & Porting

Our team can transform your existing training materials, knowledge, information or softskills into meaningful, effective knowledge architectures and design plans.

We will work with your SMEs to create a clear, measurable learning paths that incorporate strategy, philosophy, and delivery techniques to maximize success.

Theme/UI Design

UX and interface design are crucial to effective knowledge transfer. Clean design with clear information heirarchy reduce cognitive overload for the end user. Learners should not waste any of their attention trying to figure out how to navigate or where to find the relevant information in a page or module.

Our designers specialize in creating clear effective learning interfaces that enhance content retension and promote engagement.

We provide fully customized solutions that align and re-enforce your brand.

Strategy & Consulting

Do you have a training initiative or idea that you'd like to excute on but are not sure where to begin?

Or do you have some of the peices in place but would like help with certain aspects or want to better understand what your options are?

We can answer any questions and help you develop a clear vision of how your initiatives can be executed and measured.

Consultation & Development Services